9-12 July 2018 • pretoria •  south africa

southern african transport conference


A forerunner to the SATC was an annual transport research conference organised by the National Institute for Transport and Road Research (NITRR) of the CSIR, where papers were presented revealing the progress of research in South Africa.


Early in 1980 a number of representatives from the leading professional institutions in transport in South Africa approached the Secretary for Transport (Mr. Adriaan Eksteen) to express their concerns about the large number of transport conferences that were being held over the full spectrum of transport in South Africa. In the discussions with Mr. Eksteen it was agreed to set up an Annual Transport Convention (ATC). Prof R A F Smith was appointed chairman of the first organising committee that consisted of members who represented the full spectrum of the transport industry in South Africa. Prof Smith was intimately involved with the NITRR research conference in 1981 and although the CSIR had overall responsibility, he was of the opinion that the research conference could be considered to be the first ATC.


In respect of the 1982 ATC, the National Transport Commission (NTC) agreed to meet any financial losses, which incidentally never occurred. Thereafter the NTC accepted this responsibility until 1990 when the ATC Section 21 Company was formed. In the period from 1982 to 1990 the NTC also sponsored numerous overseas visitors to the ATC.


Although certain amendments were made to its constitution in 1995, the Annual Transportation Convention (Association Incorporated not for profit in terms of Section 21) still has overall responsibility for the ATC (now called the Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) as a result of a request from the Department of Transport in 1997). Right from the outset, the principle was adopted that the ATC fees be kept at a level to just cover costs and this has been achieved since then. The Organising Committee is of the opinion that the Conference is the best value for money of any conference held in Southern Africa.



southern african transport conference